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Welcome to the Boarding School - Stenhus Kostskole

Welcome to the Boarding School

Stenhus Kostskole

For all new students at the boarding school: here is some information on what it is like to live at the boarding school (Stenhus Kostskole), as well as information as to who to contact if you have problems, questions, or if you just need someone grown up to talk to.

For all our old students: there is also a lot of relevant information here about the boarding school.

On a daily basis, we are 4 adults (Boarding School Inspectors), Cristina, Lisbeth, Nikolaj and Jack, whose responsibility it is to look after all you students. We are not normally all here at the same time, unless we are organising some kind of joint event. However, you can be sure that one or two of us will always be available if and when you need help or someone to talk to.

At the weekend and in the evenings you will be well looked after by Maria, Malene, Troels, Anne, Simon, Thomas and Henrik, who are also affiliated to the boarding school.


We are a boarding school with approximately 70 pupils (the majority are Danish students, but with an increasing number of international students), in the age group 12-19 years, who either in attend 6th-10th grade at the lower secondary school (Stenhus Kostskole), or who are students in the upper secondary school (Stenhus Gymnasium).  Creating a boarding school community is one of our focus points. As a result, it is a requirement if you want to live at the boarding school that you participate in the joint activities and trips: canoe trip, skiing trip (except basketball students), and other joint activities.

Daily Life:

We have clearly defined fixed day to day routines at the boarding school in order create good habits and a calm predictability for all our boarding school students. As a boarding school student, it is a requirement that you can adapt to the daily routines of boarding school life.

This is what the typical day at the boarding school looks like:

Breakfast at 7.30

Lunch at 11:30 to 11:45

Afternoon refreshments at 14.30 (optional)

Study Hall at 16.30-17.50 (a requirement for all lower secondary school students)

Dinner at 18:00

Evening refreshments at 21.00 (optional)

Curfew at 22.30 (everyone must be in their room and ready for the night)

In the evenings we offer a variety of activities, such as hockey, football, rounders, volleyball, basketball, swimming, playing board games, and more creative activities such as sewing, painting, cooking, zumba, dance, make-up, etc. You are welcome to make your own suggestions, as we enjoy learning new things.



At the weekend, our rules and meal times are slightly different. It is the weekend inspectors, who determine how the weekend will take its course. A normal weekend looks something like this:

Breakfast at 10:00

Afternoon refreshments at 14.30 (optional)

Dinner at 18:30 (Sunday at 18.00)

Evening refreshments at 21.00 (optional)

Curfew: there is no fixed curfew at the weekend (i.e., Friday night and Saturday night). However, as a general rule, you must be in your room by 23.30 and you must keep all noise levels at a minimum.

If you go home for the weekend, you must be back at the boarding school no later than Sunday at 21.00. If you are prevented from being back on time, please get your parents to call the boarding school inspectors (mobile 21187875). Please note: it is not the correct procedure to merely inform other boarding school students.


In school holidays (please see the attached holiday plan) the boarding school is closed, and all students must go home.


We have approximately 55 rooms at the boarding school. Students live 1-2 students per room and we hope you will be happy with the room that you have been assigned. We have the agreement at the boarding school that students are able to either swap rooms or apply for an available vacant room two to three times a year. As a rule, students who have lived here for the longest time have 1st priority for the larger rooms. It normally takes up to a year before a student gets one of the more popular rooms.

The room includes: venetian blinds, a bed with a pillow and top mattress, a desk, a desk lamp, a bookshelf, as well as cleaning equipment – a broom, broom pan and bucket. It is your responsibility to take good care of the items that the boarding school has made available to you. You can get extra light bulbs from the boarding school inspectors. If you break or deface something, you will be told to purchase a replacement. The top mattress must be on the bed at all times in order to protect the actual mattress itself. There must always be bed linen on the bed. You will need to provide your own bed linen.

You should keep your room tidy and clean at all times. Students are expected to clean their rooms on a weekly basis (i.e., vacuum clean/sweep and wash the floor, dust tables, shelves, and bookcases, etc.) according to a schedule that will be hung up every week.

Hygiene and Laundry:

There are communal toilets and bathing facilities at the boarding school.

There are many of us living at the boarding school, which means we come into close contact with each other many times during the course of a day. Consequently, all students must maintain high stands of personal hygiene. Always ensure that you regularly wash your clothes so that you always have clean clothes. There is a washing machine in the laundry room by the toilets on the middle corridor of the old building. It costs 4 kroner per machine, including detergent and fabric softener, to wash your clothes. The first time you use the washing machine, please ask an “older” student or one of the boarding school inspectors for guidance.

No smoking:

Smoking is allowed only outside the school’s property and grounds, and only if you have permission from your parents.

Dress Code:

We have no set dress code. However, it is important that you always make sure you wear clean clothes. Keep in mind at all times that you represent the boarding school and wear appropriate clothing.


You should think of boarding school as your home, and of the students and adults at the boarding school as your family or close companions. Treat other people, as you would want them to treat you. Refrain from gossiping about other people, as it invariably will come back on you. Accept that we are all different, but that we all have the same basic needs and desires. Meet your new friends with a positive state of mind. In our experience, doing all of the above will create the very best conditions for you to have a wonderful time at the boarding school.

There are many chores at a boarding school such as ours, and it is important that everyone is involved in making our every day life work. Always be helpful to the adults and your fellow boarding school students. The boarding school is your new home – please take care of it and help us make it a nice environment. Keep in mind – it’s also YOUR boarding school!

Alcohol and Narcotic Substances:

Alcohol and narcotic substances are not allowed at the boarding school. Smoking hash, taking ecstasy, sniffing lighter gas, or taking any other euphoric substances will result in an immediate expulsion from the boarding school. Please note: this is the case whether this takes place on or off boarding school property.  A mandatory urine test will be required in cases where a student is under suspicion. The intake of alcohol on boarding school premises results in a student being given 1 week of suspension.


It goes without saying that stealing from others is not acceptable behaviour.


Wireless-wifi – kode: tenretnI (Internet spelled backwards with a big i)

Important phone numbers and addresses:

Our address: Stenhus Kostskole, Stenhusvej 20A, 4300 Holbæk.

Contact details of our boarding school inspectors (with voicemail): 2118 7875 (please learn this number off by heart!)

E-mail: info@gammel.stenhus.dk

Website: www.stenhus.dk (lower secondary school) and www.stenhus-gym.dk (upper secondary school.

Read the welcome from our headmaster here